Best Herbs To Smoke In Portable Vaporizer Pens

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Best Herbs To Smoke In Portable Vaporizer Pens

Here is a short list of the best herbs to vape with!

This article reviews some of the benefits of vaporizing herbs in your portable vaporizer.

Some Common Herbs Which Vaporize:

  • Damiana
  • Green Tea
  • Chamomile
  • Peppermint
  • Hops
  • Lavender
  • Cannabis

best herbs to vaporize cannibuschamomille is a great herb to use in your portable vaporizersome of the best herbs to vaporize

Herbal blends have been smoked for centuries to relieve common ailments, as well as reduce stress. Today, the act of smoking has been rendered all but obsolete with the introduction of desktop and portable vaporizers. Now users have a healthier way to inhale their favorite aromatherapy blends with a reduced negative impact on their health. Smoking a herb produces smoke which is the result of combustion of the material. The smoke produced contains numerous compounds that are by-products of the combustion process and results in the inhalation of compounds that are detrimental to human health. Over the last decade, advances in technology have created small devices which control the combustion process and utilize a temperature controlled air flow to volatilize the active ingredients of the herb. This process results in a significant decrease in the combustion of the herb and thus the toxic by-products. With vaporizer devices being small enough to fit in your pocket, smokers now have an alternative to traditional smoking.


So What Herbs Are Typically Vaporized?

Below we will review some of the common herbs which users use both desktop and portable vaporizer pens to inhale.

Vaporizing Damiana For Calming Effects


some of the best herbs to vaporize

Summary: Vaporizing Damiana

Native to Central America, the Damiana plant has an extended history for use in both medical and recreational purposes. Traditionally brewed as a tea, Damiana is also effective when utilized in a vaporizer or vaporizer pen.

Ideal Temperature: Vaporizing Damiana

Damiana has an optimal vaporization temperature of 190C (374F) and exudes a pleasant aromatic taste.

Effects: Vaporizing Damiana

Most notably used by the Mayans as an aphrodisiac, Damiana has also been used extensively to treat symptoms ranging from asthma to depression. Users typically report a calming heady high when vaporizing Damiana along with a light body buzz. Many users choose to mix Damiana with other herbs, such as cannabis, which it compliments very nicely.


Vaporizing Green Tea For Multiple Aliments

bestherbs to use in vaporizer pensSummary: Vaporizing Green Tea

Green Tea in various forms has been long known to Chinese medicine. The green tea leaves have been prepared in numerous mediums for thousands of years. Traditionally prepared as a tea, the benefits of green tea leaves are well suited for vaporization as well. The pleasant tea-like flavor of the vapor is known to posses numerous health benefits from aiding in alleviating depression to soothing aches and pains.

Ideal Temperature: Vaporizing Green Tea Leaves

Green Tea has an optimal vaporization temperature of 178C (353F) at which the predominant stimulant compound, caffeine, vaporizers.

Effects: Vaporizing Green Tea

Users typically report vaporizing green tea produces a soothing effect however, at elevated temperatures the caffeine content produces increased energy levels. Many users report that the caffeine buzz will present faster and the duration shorter than preparing the leaves as a tea. The caffeine “buzz” is not intense with reports comparing it similar to a cup of bold coffee. In addition to the stimulating effects, many users have found that vaporizing the leaves has numerous effects such as: anti-irritant, anti-ache anti-depressive, as well as easing digestion.


Vaporizing Chamomile For Stress & Digestion

chamomille is a great herb to use in your portable vaporizerSummary: Vaporizing Camomile

Chamomile has been acknowledged for hundreds of years to aid in the relief of stress, indigestion, headaches, anxiety, and depression. Typically prepared as tea for the relief of stress symptoms and indigestion, chamomile is well suited for portable and desktop vaporizers. Vaporizing chamomile has been reported to provide a feeling of relaxation and mild euphoria. Chamomile has been used by many in blends with other herbs, such as cannabis and sativa, to produce a combined effect that users report increases the stress reducing effect.

Ideal Temperature: Vaporizing Chamomile

Chamomile has an optimal vaporization temperature of 190C (374F) and produces a distinctive taste which user opinion tends to be split about.

Effects: Vaporizing Chamomile

Most commonly prepared as a tea, chamomile has been used in the aid of disgestion and as a sleep aid for centuries. The effects of chamomile are well documented and utilized my many herbal practitioners. Although chamomile is well suited for both desktop and portable vaporizers however, the fresh herb maybe used with higher temperature desktop vaporizers. Many users have reported that the use of chamomile in blends with their cannibus, particularly sativa dominant strains, helps to alleviate the edge associated with such cannabis strains.


Vaporizing Peppermint For Multiple Uses

best herbs to use in portable vaporizersSummary: Vaporizing Peppermint

Peppermint is favorite among vaporizer enthusiasts for its soothing effects and pleasurable taste. Peppermint is used in many common consumables such as gums and OTC medicines for its soothing effects for numerous symptoms. In addition, peppermint is also well suited for vaporizing and many other mediums for its pleasurable taste which can over power some of the undesirable tastes of other herbs.

Ideal Temperature: Vaporizing Peppermint

Peppermint has an optimal vaporization temperature of 124C (255F) and has a pleasurable soothing taste.

Effects: Vaporizing Peppermint

Commonly used in many everyday consumables, peppermint is typically associated with soothing symptoms of asthma, allergies, and nausea. In addition, peppermint vaporization has been reported to have anti-infective properties which can alleviate mucus associated with common colds and sinus infections. The refreshing taste of peppermint is used by vaporization enthusiasts to reduce the harsh taste of many other soothing herbs.


Vaporizing Hops

best herbs to vaporize with include hopsSummary: Vaporizing Hops

Most well known for their use in beer, hops also make a great vaporizer herb! A subtle and complex flavor is complimented by what many report as a soothing mild euphoria.

Ideal Temperature: Vaporizing Hops

Hops has a range for optimal vaporization suitable for most portable vaporizer pens.

Effects: Vaporizing Hops

Many report that using aromatic hop varieties provide a a mild euphoria and a relaxing effect. However, since there are many different types of hops the effects have been known to vary widely. It is generally recommended that users try different types to find the one that is best suited for their needs. Typically the flavors are described as woody, floral, sweet, spicy, and sometimes minty. Many users report they vape hops strictly for the pleasurable taste especially when used in conjunction with other herbs.



Vaporizing Lavender For Multiple Uses

best herbs to vaporize with incude lavenderSummary: Vaporizing Lavender

Well known to have a exceptional taste as well as numerous uses for treating issues such as insomnia and pain relief. Lavender is reported to have a relatively narrow vaporization temperature making well suited for highly controlled desktop vaporizers, however many have reported that using it in a blend with other herbs provides a fantastic taste.

Ideal Temperature: Vaporizing Lavender

Lavender has an optimal vaporization temperature of 130C (266F) and exudes a pleasant taste.

Effects: Vaporizing Lavender

Lavender effects have been widely reported to include; relaxation, pain relief (especially for headaches and muscle aches), anxiety relief, and a general sense of well being. It has been reported that the effects of vaporizing lavender can take up to 10 mins for the full effects to set in, so take your time and remember to grind the dried lavender well and use smaller quantities before vaping.


Vaporizing Cannibus (Marijuana)

best herbs to vaporize cannibusSummary: Vaporizing Cannibus

Utilized for medical and recreational purposes by many, marijuana has well documented beneficial effects. Many around the world smoke or vaporize marijuana for medical reasons including the treatment of pains associated with numerous cancer treatments, relief of severe anxiety and relief of depression. Although many smoke cannibus for medical treatments, a larger amount of users partake in smoking herb for recreational purposes, often for the effects that the medical community cites. Although illegal in many areas, the recreational use of marijuana has been gaining legal acceptance around many states within the United States. As of the date of this article, 14 US states have legalized the use of recreational marijuana. The benefits of vaporizing marijuana are numerous including; health , cost savings, taste, and reduction of the distinct odor. Today many portable vaporizers are designed primarily for the vaporization of marijuana.

Ideal Temperature: Vaporizing Cannibus

Damiana has an optimal vaporization temperature of 185C (365F) and exudes a distinct taste dependent upon the strain.

Effects: Vaporizing Cannibus

Many have noted many pleasurable effects of smoking cannibus, including a sense of euphoria, relaxation and increased appetite. The use of marijuana recreationally has been prevalent for centuries and is mainly reported to be useful for the reduction of stress, anxiety and as a sleeping aid. With that said, others have reported that the smoking of marijuana has had the opposite effect especially for first time users. The effect of smoking herb has been well documented to become more desirable as the body becomes familiar with the effects. Recreational users, who enjoy the effects, have reported that it is often not until the third or fourth time which they realize the pleasurable effects of smoking cannibus. There are numerous reason to vaporize marijuana. Users often cite the health benefits of vaporizer pens due to the fact that the toxic combustion components are nearly eliminated in proper vaporization, making vaporizer pens perfectly suited for those who do not wish to smoke. Users often report that the high of vaporization is different than smoking principally because it is only the active ingredient being vaporized which provides a mellow soothing euphoria rather than a head high. Another reason vaporizers are beneficial for herb, is that they are generally accepted as a producing a smoother taste without any of the harsh smoke produced when burning marijuana. Portable vaporizers like the VaporX XRT Vaporizer Pen also reduce the odor associated with smoking cannibus, allowing users to smoke in areas which a traditional cigarette would be easily recognized. The taste produced from vaporizing herb is also noted to be smoother and less harsh, again due to the fact that many of the typically combustion by-products are eliminated. Today there are a plethora of different vaporizers both portable vape pens ans desktops versions, which provide users a healthier an less expensive alternative to traditional marijuana cigarettes.

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