Quit Smoking! Start Vaping! - Portable E-Liquid Vaporizers

Start Vaping! – Portable E-Liquid Vaporizers

Posted by on Mar 24, 2013 in Portable Vaporizers

Start Vaping! – Portable E-Liquid Vaporizers

So you landed here maybe you have heard of e-liquid vaporizer pens, maybe you have heard of electronic cigarettes but what’s the deal? Millions around the world have switched to portable vaporizers whether called electronic cigarettes or vaporizer pens. The premise of both items is the same, and just the packaging and ease of use that differs.

We have other articles on electronic cigarettes so we are going to focus on portable vaporizers pens. The 21st century has lead to many innovations making our daily lives more efficient and healthier. For centuries the only way to get the effect of tobacco was to smoke a cigarette or similar medium. Today science has shown us that the active ingredients in many plants can be isolated and administered in various ways. Smoking tobacco has been an integral part of culture and society for the better part of 300 years. The major drawback of smoking tobacco has come to users attention over the last 20 years or so. The fact that smoking tobacco causes serious illnesses, such as lung cancer, has been the instigation for many to attempt to quit smoking.

Portable vaporizers have emerged over the last 5 years bringing a revolution to the smoking community. No longer do smokers have to be subject to the serious health concerns that plague tobacco use. There are a plethora of other benefits of switching to portable vaporizer pens such as:

  • No Smoke Smell
  • No Second Hand Smoke
  • No Staining of Teeth & Gums
  • No More Bad Breath – Sweet eliquids can actually make it quite refreshing!
  • No More Cigarette Burns
  • Easily Stop and Start – no anxiety to get to the last puff!
  • Now You Have A Wide Selection of Flavors!

quit smoking with eliquid vaporizer pen

So what makes the eliquid vaporizer a replacement for traditional cigarettes? An e-liquid vaporizer is a simple premise utilizing innovative technology. The eliquid vape pen contains 3 main parts that users need to be aware of.

  1. Rechargeable CPU Controlled Battery
  2. E-Liquid Cartomizer
  3. Eliquid Solution

The vaporizer pen simply works by creating a vapor of the eliquid solution which is placed in the cartomizer (eliquid tank). A little neat technology makes the use of vape pen’s as simple as holding the activation button and inhaling! E-liquid solutions come in variety of different types just like cigarettes. With nicotine strength ranging from None (0%) to Bold (2.4%), traditional tobacco smokers can get their “fix” and not be exposed to the toxic by-products of tobacco smoke.

Although scientific research into the health effects of eliquid vaporizers is in its infancy, there is little doubt that the vaporizers offer a drastic reduction in the harmful compounds inhaled when smoking a regular cigarette. In fact a recent study by the Roswell Cancer Research Institute showed that the eliquid vapor of several electronic cigarettes contained up to 450 times less of the toxic compounds found in cigarette smoke.

At South Beach Vaporizers we have has hundreds of customers who have quit smoking and started vaping. With that said we often hear, “can eliquid vaporizers help me quit smoking?  The short answer is yes but we here at sobevaporizers.com remind our users that we do not market our vaporizers as quit smoking devices, rather we say to quit smoking and start vaping. Why? Well because although the eliquid solutions and vaporizers offer numerous benefits over cigarettes, it is important to remember that many of the solutions contain nicotine which remains to be a highly addictive substance.  The greatest benefit for those looking to quit smoking is that ejuices, unlike cigarettes, come in different levels of nicotine, providing the user the option to gradually reduce their dependence.  As with any other quit smoking method, the end result is up to the diligence of the user. E-liquid vaporizers offer users the opportunity to change how they smoke to a safer more peer friendly method.

vaporx xlt e liquid vaporizer pen starter kit discount

Our e-liquids are made under laboratory conditions, with a strict attention to quality however, many smaller companies lack the proper equipment and sophisticated testing procedures to produce consistent high quality ejuices. Keep in mind that the industry is still unregulated by government organization, such as the FDA, so it is up to the consumer to go with brands that adhere to internal quality assurance practices and produce a high quality reliable product. At sobevaporizers.com we have done the hard work for you and selected Vapor-Corp as our exclusive supplier of premium ejuices and vaporizers. Vapor-Corp’s laboratory and quality assurance program can be compared to any pharmaceutical production line!

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