VaporX Hookah Stix | 600 Puff Flavored Disposable eHookah Sticks

VaporX Launches Hookah Stix | 600 Puff Flavored Disposable eHookah Sticks

Posted by on Jul 13, 2013 in eHookah | Disposable Hookah Sticks

VaporX Launches Hookah Stix | 600 Puff Flavored Disposable eHookah Sticks

We are excited to be one of the first to carry the all new VaporX electronic disposable Hookah Stix. These deliciously flavored eHookah sticks are available in 10 different flavors ranging from Mixed Berry to Peach Mango. The 600 puff electronic hookah sticks contain a very low 0.6% nicotine, nifty little jeweled tip and a slim profile activation button. The low profile of the activation button is worth highlighting because of the contrast to many other hookah sticks. The low profile of the activation button allows users to carry the hookah stick in their pocket or purse with little worry of accidentally activating the ehookah and losing any of your delicious flavored vapor!

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The all new VaporX eHookah Stix are available in 10 delicious flavors:

  • Strawberry Banana
  • Vanilla Dream
  • Rich Mint Chocolate
  • Hotte Cafe Latte
  • Mixed Very Berry
  • Sweet Sour Apple
  • Dark Cherry Black
  • Peach Mango Island
  • Grape So D’Vine
  • Melon Heaven
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In addition to a delicious variety of flavors, the VaporX electronic hookah sticks feature the patented VaporX soft flex tip filter providing users with a comfortable and easy way to enjoy their disposable hookah.  Simple to use, eHookah sticks have become a great little treat to share with friends and spark up conversation while out on the town. The VaporX Hookah Stix are the second generation of disposable hookahs from parent company Vapor-Corp. The original version is still available in 12 tasty flavors and are inhalation activated allowing uses to simply inhale to get the blast of flavor to their puffer! Unlike the new hookah sticks, the original version contains no nicotine making them perfect for sharing with smokers and nonsmokers alike.

Electronic hookah sticks, also known as shishia sticks, ehookahs or hookah pens, are a convenient and fun way to get a blast of flavor to your puffer without any harmful tobacco smoke byproducts. These eHookahs come in a variety of different flavors and nicotine strengths giving users a plethora of options to find something that satisfies their taste buds.

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At we carry the full line of VaporX eHookah sticks are proudly one of the first to offer the latest and greatest selection from VaporX. The overwhelming popularity of eHookah sticks has actually spurred us on to create a micro site dedicated to these delightful little flavored hookahs. At we offer the full line of electronic hookah sticks from VaporX and plan on adding even more great items in the months to come. With free shipping site wide and an unparalleled satisfaction guarantee there has never been a better place or time to find a flavor that satisfies your puffer!

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