VaporX XRT Dry Herb Vaporizer Releases Replacement Parts

Posted by on Mar 24, 2013 in Portable Vaporizers

VaporX XRT Dry Herb Vaporizer Releases Replacement Parts

mouthpiece for vaporx xrt portable vaporizer pen vaporx parts for portable vaporizer pens zxrt xltvaporx xrt and xlt portable vaporizer pen battery

VaporX has recently released parts for the XLT and XRT portable vaporizer batteries. The new items include the vaporx XRT mouthpiece with screen, the XRT/XLT dry herb chamber with spacer ring and oil adapter.

The parts are made to be compatible with both the VaporX XRT and XLT batteries allowing users to expand the utility of either unit to includes vaping dry herb, oils, waxes and e-liquids. South Beach Vaporizers carries the XRT professional kit which is perfect for new users who wish to have all that great functionality in one starter kit. Available now the VaporX XRT and XLT parts can be purchased individually or in sets at

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